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About Bali Island
The Bali Island has an area of around 5,632 square kilometers (2,175 square miles) and measures just 55 miles (90 kilometers) along the north-south axis and less than about 90 miles (140 kilometers) from East to West. Because of this it's no problem to explore the island on day tours. You can go wherever you want on the island and return to your hotel or villa in the evening. The wide variety of tropical plants is surprising. You will see huge of banyan trees in villages and temple grounds, tamarind trees in the North, clove trees in the highlands, acacia trees, flame trees, and mangroves in the South. In Bali grow a dozen species of coconut palms and even more varieties of bamboo.

Elephants and tigers don't exist any more in Bali since early this century. Wildlife, however, includes various species of monkeys, civets, barking deer and mouse deer, and 300 species of birds including wild fowl, dollar birds, blue kingfishers, sea eagles, sandpipers, white herons and egrets, cuckoos, wood swallows, sparrows, and starlings. You can watch schools of dolphins near Lovina, Candi Dasa, and Padangbai. Divers will see many colorful coral fish and small reef fish, moray eels, and plankton eating whale sharks as well as crustaceans, sponges, and colorful coral along the east coast and around Menjangan Island near Gilimanuk.

What Makes Bali So Special ????
There is the combination of the friendly people, the natural attractions, the great variety of things to see and do, the year-round pleasant climate, and the absence of security problems. And then there is Bali's special "magic", which is difficult to explain. As soon as you step off the plane you might sense the difference. In the villages you'll notice the quietness and wisdom in old people's faces, and the interest and respect in the young's. Old men sit at the road side caressing their fighting cocks. Beautifully dressed women walk proudly through rice fields and forests carrying offerings on their heads to the next temple. There is the smell of flowers, and in the distance you hear the sound of gamelan music.

Gods and spirits have been an important part of Bali's daily life for hundreds of years. Gunung Agung – Bali's holy mountain – is internationally regarded as one of the eight "Chakra" points of the world. This may be more than an coincident. Watch out, the moment you feel the magic of this island, you're addicted for the rest of your life.
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Bali Weather Forecast
Min 26 °C, Max 32 °C, Season Wet
Average Rain 300 mm
Average Humidity 85 %
Min 26 °C, Max 32 °C, Season Wet
Average Rain 280 mm
Average Humidity 75 %
Min 25 °C, Max 32 °C, Season Wet
Average Rain 215 mm
Average Humidity 70 %
Min 23 °C, Max 31 °C, Season Dry
Average Rain 40 mm
Average Humidity 60 %
Min 24 °C, Max 32 °C, Season Dry
Average Rain 90 mm
Average Humidity 65 %
Min 25 °C, Max 33 °C, Season Wet
Average Rain 100 mm
Average Humidity 75 %
Min 26 °C, Max 32 °C, Season Wet
Average Rain 150 mm
Average Humidity 80 %
Min 26 °C, Max 32 °C, Season Wet
Average Rain 295 mm
Average Humidity 85 %
the best time to visit
getting humid with rain every few days
skies are blue most days with early morning or late night showers
overcast most days with rain during some part of most days
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